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Why not enhance your floor instead of covering it? That is what the Tenel area rug will do for you-enhance your floor. With a 0.24 inches pile height, it is just thick enough to withstand enough pressure and light enough to move around easily. So, you can beautify the dining area today and tomorrow, the same piece is beautifying the bedroom area. Nothing stops you from being that versatile. It measures 5 x 8 inches in diameter and is machine-woven for perfection. This piece of art is made of 100% Nylon which makes it pretty easy to vacuum clean or dry clean. And yes! It’s made in Egypt.

  • SIZE: 5′ x 8′ 100% Nylon
  • Machine Woven
  • Low Pile
  • Pile Height: 0.24″
  • Printed
  • Colors: Bright Orange, Dark Purple, Dark Brown, Navy, Aqua, Teal, Khaki, Beige, Bright Yellow
  • TPX: 16-1356, 17-1564, 17-1456, 19-2432, 18-1016, 19-3920, 15-4825, 18-5618, 13-0905, 14-1107, 14-0756
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Made in Egypt


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