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Create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home with the Selim decorative rug with no pile. This elegant hand loomed piece will be the center of attention in each room; ideal in the living room, dining room, bedroom or any other room for a style that will not go unnoticed. It measures 6 x 9 feet which means that it can cover an entire sitting area. Soft but durable, this 100% polyester rug is ideal for the busiest rooms and your favorite meeting places in the home.

  • Size: 9′ x 13′ 100% Polyester
  • Hand Loomed
  • No Pile
  • Colors: Bright Pink, Bright Red, Bright Orange, Bright Blue, Bright Purple, Grass Green, Bright Yellow, Cream, Olive, Fuschia
  • TPX: 18-1754, 17-2031, 17-1664, 17-1464, 17-4540, 18-3633, 15-6437, 14-0760, 11-0604, 16-0526, 18-2326
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Made in India


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